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Friday, August 23 2019


by John Adams

Keyword: Family Law Attorney

Topic: Impact of a Failed Marriage on a Child

 Seemingly, divorce saves the people from the bad marriage, but studies have shown that it has a drastic
impact on the children. It not only damages the society but also diminishes the children’s future in
society’s major institutions that include religion, school, family, market place, and government.
Therefore, if both the spouses have decided to go for separation, then, it is in the best interest of the
kids to file for the divorce through family law attorney. A family law attorney helps both parties to
resolve the matter amicably. However, the absence of a legal authority makes the annulment of
marriage bitter. Such divorce weakens the family bonding as well as the relationship between the
parents and children. Besides this, it also leads to destructive conflict management skills, weakened
parent-child relationships, low self-esteem, and decrease the desire to have children.    
Let us have a look at the impact of a failed marriage/divorce on the child’s mental state.

Weakened Parent-Child Relationship

When a couple divorces each other at the same time, another sort of divorce also occurs between the
parents and children. The primary effect of the parental effect leading to a divorce is the decline in the
relationship between child and parent. After divorce, single parents normally have two sets of problem.
First, adjustments to their intra-psychic conflict and a new highlighted role as a single divorced parent.
Undeniably, the immense pressure of divorce blows out the parent-child relationship to a significant
level. The support and love that a child receives from home are rated much lower by children of
divorced parents as compared to children from intact homes. Furthermore, separated families receive
less emotional support, practical help from their parents, and financial assistance.

Emotional Abuse

Couples who decide to file for divorce do not adopt this in a single day. There must be a long period of
arguments, fights, emotional and physical abuse, which ultimately leads to this situation. Therefore,
witnessing and living in such an environment is emotional abuse to a child. This further arises the matter
of child custody within parents that adds injury to the ongoing mental state of the child and a weakened
relationship with the parents.

Weakened Ability to Handle Conflict

Unfortunately, divorce diminishes the child ability to handle the conflict. The difference between
marriages that remain intact as compared to those that end in divorce lies primarily in the couple’s
ability to handle marital conflict as well as move towards agreement. Moreover, parental modeling
diminishes many children’s capacity for stable marriage later in life. Some children might react by
doubling their efforts to ensure stability.


According to a study at Ohio University, Children are like sponges as they will absorb negative emotions
and internalize it in themselves as anger and shame. Moreover, if they are exposed to unhappy parents,

kids will grow into adults who have low self-esteem and trust issues. Therefore, it is advisable to take
the help of a family law attorney to end the marriage amicably, and save the child's life.

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