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 Saving the Child 

First Save Yourself

Before you can rescue your child from the ravages of addiction you must have your own act in place.  Parental outrage, shouting, open conflict is avoidable and is not constructive.  To deal with the threat to your child means that your own identity and Ego must be set aside.  You must see clearly and respond to every moment clearly.  Adopting the skills of the observer within, stillness of mind, and conscious awareness is critical to your long term success.  Failures and setbacks are to be expected in the beginning.  This skill set along with loving firmness and unrelenting tenacity are your best chance for altering the path they have taken.

Do Your Homework

Each State has references, programs and facilities for adolescent addictions.  Whether alcohol, Meth, or another addiction, support and resources can be found to help. Of course DETOX is a first step.  There is a strong temptation to go it alone in the beginning but addiction has several levels.  We as parents cannot ignore the atmosphere of the home, our real relationship to the child and the rest of the family and the state of the one directly addicted.  Detox removes most of the contaminants from the body. No emotional or spiritual help can begin until detox has been completed.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  The reasons must be sought out and dealt with.  Above all the reality of our relationship with the child must be acknowledged by us as we share the adolescent's journey out of hell on earth.

Next we must figure out the triggers and state of mind the addicted one has experienced that induced them to initiate drugs and/or alcohol as a solution in their lives.  This is why going it alone hardly ever works.  We are and have been part of the problem.  If we do not recognize this our capacity to participate successfully in a recovery is diminished significantly.  There are serious self worth, self esteem, anger and self lothing issues that most (I would say all) parents cannot cope with or handle properly.  The good news is that there is excellent support for our journey if we can accept it.

There is so much available data on this area of our lives that I do not need to repeat it here.  The only contribution this web site seeks to offer is that recognition comes first, success comes last, and the middle is filled with self discovery and tremendous possibilities.  It is not hopeless.  But the decision to revisit who and what we are as human beings and to find new possibilities must be part of this process for both child and parent.

Your child may have been lost for a time, but the present moment can be the most important turning point in their lives.  For from their pain and confusion a new life will emerge. 

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