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Saturday, January 08 2011

Yes this is late. They have already fallen from the sky. They have washed up on the shores.  They are the Birds, the Bees, The Fish, The Crabs and who knows what is coming next.

Things we do know.  The birds dropped out of the sky in great numbers and they were dead before they hit the ground.  The fish died before they washed up on the shore.  The crabs did not die on the coastline where they were found.  The deaths happened in fresh water and salt water.  So we have both air and water.  Specific species were affected.  All of the birds and fish and crabs of every conceivable species mix did not fall out of the sky or wash up on the beaches.  The deaths were not Arkansas specific although that was the first world wide awareness of the mass deaths. 

Despite the rampant speculation the Internet has proved its worth because in a very short time the entire world became aware of the Arkansas deaths.  This is the good news.  As an aside we should be very conscious of our responsibility to maintain the integrity of the information we dispense.  This world wide web thing is a two edged sword.  So before the paranoid censors get ambitious and try to police everything on the internet we might police ourselves and be very aware of what we submit.  Just sayin. (I know many are beginning to dislike that saying) 

So lets pretend we are investigators with very limited tools, but we do have the internet search capability.

Although many in positions of leadership have chimed in and given their expert opinion let's not forget that some well meaning people want to lower the fear factor, prevent panic and hope their input makes the whole thing go away.  It is not going away.  We are in the midst of change, often serious, often deadly.  So keeping quiet about the issues and the problems serves only those who need the air and the wires to be silent for their own purposes, whatever those may be.

Ok I know nothing at this point in time.  But I would like to take a shot at some of the comments surrounding this tragic occurrence.

Loud noises spooked the birds roosting at night and they flew into each other, into buildings, trees, etc. The birds,the fish, the crabs all died from a disease.  They were all poisoned, by pollutants, by noise, by radiation, by unusual climate conditions such as the surface water and air temperature.  And even if some groups want to attribute these occurrences to God's retribution or as a sign of our eminent demise it would be wise of us to figure out the real world causes and leave the end of the world rhetoric for the story tellers. 

Some things to be aware of, although none of these have to be the specific cause.

Climate change is upon us:  Flooding, colder than normal, hotter than normal, Land and water surface ice sheets melting, Tundras melting, glaciers retreating rapidly, Water temperature both ocean and fresh water getting warmer and yes colder in areas all over the globe. In some parts of the world glaciers supply fresh water all year long but only for a relatively short period of time if the current warming trend continues.

Sea traffic so pervasive in the oceans that noise pollution affects every species that communicates through the water.  This affects migration patterns, feeding and social behavior.

Pollution, oil, chemical, refuse, plastics, are pervasively eating away at the integrity of the oceans, our fresh water supplies, our soil.  The simple cause and effect is that our food chain is being tampered with and in some parts of the world we are being systematically poisoned (yes the USA is included).  

Genetically modified plants and other life (fish) are being introduced into our food chain at an alarming rate even though the long term possibility of a serious mistake is not only possible but guaranteed.

Our organic farmers are trying to stop the maddness of industrial agriculture.  The chemical runoffs, the soil sterilization, the GMO crops cross contamination, the depleted soil of organic material and living benefical organisms, the excessive use of antibiotics and hormones to increase production. 

Human reliance on drugs in every dimension of our lives cannot be good. The advertisement for a stop smoking drug has a serious listing of scary side effects, even death, and this is just to stop smoking. 

Humans were not affected so a Methane leak can probably be discounted.

So the point is we do not know,  but I will be tracking the investigation to see where it goes and what the investigators find.....rbc 

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