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Enter the conversation , try to be fair, kind and firm.

What has been said so far?  Is it possible that so many wise and caring people missed something?  Let’s face it the realignment of our priorities from individual intense self-interest where we separate ourselves to seeing the part we play in the life of the entire system as a member in good standing is a difficult reach.  We do not want to let go.  Our importance is too important to each of us.  

Even some of those that have given themselves over to their God and are effectively letting go of their own self-interest and self-importance miss the finer point being made. 

For some God is still out there, guiding, watching over, and ready to help or judge, whichever is needed.  But we forget that our needs and wants, though expressed in prayer and song, are our responsibility.  Life is calling us, to choose, to be grateful, to belong to the circle of life.  Everything we touch is a part of that life.  Everything we do decides the fate of everything we touch.  It is our mindset that guides our choices: are we separate or a member in good standing of creation itself. 

What do I Believe? 

Does it matter what I think or believe.  The information in this website is a pointer to a better life, it is true, and it works no matter what I personally believe.  I have applied all of it in my life and although I have at times, setbacks, they are not consuming, they do not take me down paths that are not good for me, and I feel more connected.  What you might be thinking does that mean? 

Connected means that I am not separate.  Life is not a bunch of objects I get to manipulate, play with, even discard, without consequence.  Connected gives me empathy toward my surroundings and those in it.  “Hurt no one, help where you can”, a great and simple starting point.  Connected means that I can choose to rein in my own intense self-interest. 

Here is what I do not know.  Why the Universe, and everything in it, exists.  What or who created it.  Why I am here and what is my purpose.  Is it possible to stop the insanity that humans regularly display?  Does Religion solve the issue?  Are any of our philosophies, any of our ideologies, any of our institutions an answer to any of or all our dysfunction? 

I have pinpointed a few things that I believe are correctable.  These are a part of our makeup, how we are nurtured, our biological imperatives, our basic self- interest.  What is one of our greatest capabilities?  To choose and to believe intently in that ability.  Of course, I can choose any course of action, good or bad, the best or the worst.  But if I believe intently in the power of that choice and I am totally immersed in the reality of the moment, I choose according to what is actually in front of me not clouded by what I wish was there or not there. 

How easy or how difficult is this choosing concept? 

My guess is that it is way more difficult than it is easy.  Nowhere is it written that the path we choose is a correct or even good path.  Choosing is just choosing, it is almost automatic.  Almost.  What influences our choosing is important.  The choice can be life altering, better to be life altering in a good way.  Better yes, but there are no guarantees that our direction will make us happier, more fulfilled, richer in spirit or material things.  So what is the point?  Great question.  How aware are you of what you just acted on and what you were feeling at that moment.  Were you happy, angry, sad or feeling down?  Did something in your past intrude?  Were you anxious or afraid?  How did the people around you act? 

Actually, it is not easy to be that aware all of the time.  It takes practice.  The better you get at it the more other parts of your life get easier, simpler, more peaceful. 

What is going on, today, why is it so wrong, why?  

I do not live in the rebellious world of protestors, ripping down statues, looting and destroying property, defacing everything.  The recent killings, children dead, for what purpose?  Where are the mayors, the governors, the police, the leaders of these communities?  Do we have to declare martial law to stop such horrible behavior? 

But it is not enough to bring the strong arm of the law into play, the leaders must also have to pay a steep price for their failure to protect the life and property of their citizens.  Someone is leading and financing this mayhem and those someones need to feel the consequences of their permissiveness and failure to do the job they signed up to do. 

Can we identify this behavior as an uprising to overthrow the current establishment?  Is this a true cultural revolution?  Is there honest but seriously misguided efforts to replace our democratic/capitalistic society with a centralized socialistic government? 

First, we need to stop the foot soldiers of chaos, we must put the leaders on trial, and then we can have the dialogue and debate over what kind of society we want to live in.  A few rules are needed though. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence remain as foundation documents.  The dialogue begins there. 

The dialogue itself will avoid labeling, name calling and must explain the terminology and ideology.  Our society is under attack so let's not minimize the threat. The   problem is those who are being threatened or feel the threat don’t know who to deal with.  My guess is that this is going to be resolved in the voting booth.  Which side, Democrats or Republicans, will carry the message that resonates with the majority?  What is that message? 

Let's give it a try. 

Violence, violence at many levels.  Death, injury, property damage, theft, intimidation in all areas. intimidation in your face, while you are eating, in your home, with your children.  Police are under attack and Democratic Mayors and Governors are ignoring the threat. They prefer to label the mayhem and chaos as peaceful protests, refuse to put a stop to the destruction and refuse Federal help, all while blaming Trump for the mess, the dying, the economic disaster, the destruction, the looting. This is hypocrisy at its finest.

Socialism or we will take care of you.  We will give you free stuff: free education, free medical, assistance in many areas of your life (drugs, housing, food, child care, jobs and unemployment).  To pay for all of this we will tax the rich and the almost rich and the middle class.  What most of us ignore is the math does not add up.  Let’s try to explain this as simply as we can while knowing the issue is very complicated. 

Bucket one is about the size of an old wash tub, it contains all of the money in circulation.  All other buckets are the same size. Bucket two contains all of debt accumulated each day by everyone. Bucket three is the cash transfer from buying stuff (includes sales tax) and  paying for services which includes jobs and labor.  Bucket four is the revenue the Government takes in each year in the form of taxes. And finally buckets five and six is the debt the government carries each year after spending (long term, short term).

Everything working as designed. Bucket two and three should always balance out. I get in revenue 100 dollars, if I spend 110 dollars then ten dollars goes into the debt bucket (bucket two).  At no time should I allow bucket two to exceed my ability to pay down.  The same applies to buckets four five and six.  If I purchase more than I am able to pay down I can declare bankruptcy.  The government also has that option but with great consequences so instead the government prints new money and the long term debt bucket keeps filling up.  In theory the government can borrow from itself and others until someone puts on the brakes and says “no thank you”.

The above works the same whether socialism or capitalism is the dominant ideology.  The difference is illustrated most on this idea of free stuff and balancing the budget.  In theory we know our income and know our expenses.  The problem arises when the free stuff costs more down the road and the revenue is not there to pay for it. In the capitalism model the administration calculates this ahead of time.

Basically both models fall short when no one pays attention to the debt to revenue ratios.  Both ideologies  are miles apart when it comes to government’s role in our individual lives, Socialism wants greater central government control, Capitalism wants minimum government interference and thus less cost to run things.

My choice is simple I want my  government to protect me, not to decide for me how to run my life.

The Slant or how do we spin the conversation  

Spinning or slanting tries to take the color red and have you believe it is really blue. Say something outrageous often enough, and with a sincere manner, some people will believe it even when they know it is not true.

 Now this web site was not meant to be political. However,  I believe that this election will determine  the direction this country takes for many election cycles to come.  So I at least feel it necessary to add my voice, to reach out, and have a different dialogue about what is staring us all in the face.


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