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Thursday, February 10 2011

Follow the News on These Areas of Concern

* Global Warming: The earth is in the process of a Magnetic Pole Reversal.  The North Pole will shift to the South, The South Pole will shift to the North.  This can occur in as little as a Decade or over centuries(thousands).  The effect?  Loss of shielding from the Suns radiation which translates into world wide radiation exposure and all of the health impacts that implies.  Weather patterns shifting to the extremes with extreme flooding, draught, hurricanes, cyclones, violent extremes of temperature (harsh winters, severe summers). 

The real question is not "is there or is there not Global Warming?". The real question is what level of worldwide management must we begin to consider to deal with major climatic shifts.  Facts: Ice sheets over land are melting, Glaciers are retreating, superstorms are being created, the impacts of climate change are being felt all over the world.  I vote for a planning group from all nations to put together a plan for dealing with major climate change:  Medical, food, fresh water, shelter resulting from climate disasters: hurricanes, superstorms, drought, flooding, wind damage, famine.

Do we let the chips fall where they may or do we plan and prepare?

Radical Fundamentalist Terrorism

The entire Muslim community must cry out to denounce the violent, horrendous  behavior of its extreme fundamentalist members.  Billions are quiet while a few define Islam to the rest of the world.  The world is being infected by hatred from the mutilation of women, from the killing of children, families, innocents in a war that has as its sole purpose to create fear and chaos at whatever cost.

Do we really want another world war? 


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