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 New Verse 2014 
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The longest Night

Seek not to counsel those

whose hopes linger still

as though they chose

their path with skill

Winter not yet finished

Spring not yet begun

the longest night

a celebration of what is to come

It is a time of letting go

feeling the deep chill

of the year gone by

transformed by the rising Sun

We are as God blessed us

awaiting tomorrow

reveling in today

releasing yesterday’s sorrow

Transformation is in the wind

What we were melts with the snow

What we can become rises with the seeds of spring

What we are springs from the rich loam of love

Nowhere is it written that our fate is sealed

As we pass through the longest night

Our path is often revealed

through our dreams, and in the coming light.




2013, rbc


I chose this path though I know not why

it is filled with uncertainty

and though I search the darkening sky

for truth and wisdom, I know that I do not know.

Winter is here with more to come

cold seeping through the outer layers

touching my core with a deep chill

while my heart seeks the warmth of the sun.

Hope and promise from the years of a rising sun

proves not that tomorrow will come

only that the mystery filters from the sky

as fanciful crystals blanketing the surface in sparkling white.

I know that spring will come

I know the seeds will germinate

I know that life will renew

I know that transformation is possible.

And so belief and hope join forces

with faith not far behind

for tomorrow is still uncertain

while yesterday is but a guide.

The comfort of knowing is not to be taken lightly

This day is the hope and faith of yesterday

So let the winter blanket collect the dust of the living

and as the spring rains cleanse the earth

Join in the mystery of the unknown

Relish the awe of creation

Find the creator in all life

Discover love, in the beginning, and the end. 2013, rbc


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