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 What we Wish For 

What do we Wish For

Unconditional love, Approval, Meaning, Understanding, Unity, Truth (sometimes absolute truth), Goodness in ourselves and others, Beauty (The presence of our Creator in all of Creation). "Unity, Truth, Goodness, Beauty" from Father Bruce Nieli at a Spirit Mission Prayer Service.

"Let there be Light" The beginning of all beginnings, The birth of the future as the beginning set the stage for the possibilities that would emerge time and time again over Billions of Years. We are here now as one of those possibilities. From our earliest fears to our most aware moments we have grown in discovery as the mystery of God and existence danced in our imaginations. As we struggled to unravel this mystery we adopted the idea that truth, the very truth we yearned for, was something we could grasp and hold on to. At times we believed that conquest was the soul purpose of our existence and that our individual self interest was the only viable survival paradigm. Love became a dream that we experienced through a special one not always understood but often experienced with intensity. We believed we were the final product, the species that would dominate the Universe and understand our role in its future.

There are some who see our development as an unfinished product. Many believe that the very ego that has helped us survive for all these centuries can now be placed in the background as a new emergence in our development assumes the dominant role in our consciousness. Until now the idea that the "Meek would inherit the Earth" was ignored or dismissed. Only the strong could survive. Except the idea of "meek" was misunderstood. The hard shell of dominance, power and control is being softened by Love, compassion, and acceptance. Being an integral part of the whole means we now see ourselves, not as masters, but as caring guardians, a part of the whole, united in the network of creation.

Unity: We are divided inside. We want to be a part of something Greater than ourselves but our ego wants dominance at home.  We want to Unify the Nations of this Earth but some of us want to run the show.  We want to believe we are connected in some way to all in the Web of Life, and yet our behavior is self interest and self preservation.  Unity does not mean we are all the same but that we are all of the same.  To Unify we strive to achieve a goal, to arrive at a fundamental belief or idea, to follow a path that is in the common interest, to find common ground.   Unity allows each of us to honor the value of another, focus our energies toward a common end, and feel safer, more secure, meaningful, purposeful. 

And yet even in our most unifying moments, someone separates as their own needs surface above all others.  Struggles develop and de-unification begins.  It is only when we all "take out the Trash" individually that we are able to support and uplift others even as we uplift ourselves.

Truth:  The word should be abolished.  Humans in their eagerness to be above others gather the truth in their arms and defy anyone to contradict it.  We observe and learn and in the process begin to understand.  Each of us gathers pieces of the whole and maybe for a time what we hold so dear is the truth, for a while.  But new knowledge, greater understanding always replaces the old understandings and a new truth emerges.  It is of no value to argue with one or a group that holds the truth, sometimes as a club, as the only truth.  it is a waste of time to dialogue with those who cannot see beyond their own understanding.  I prefer the notion that we learn or discover something new, build on what we understand, but always know that new information may replace what we know and bring us even greater understanding. 

This is not extreme flexibility nor is it a failure to commit, it is simply the notion that we are here to discover and learn and continue to discover and learn until we become fully human, capable of using our knowledge and understanding for the greater good.

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