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 Talking and Hiding 

The only thing you know about me is what I disclose. Am I being protective at a conscious level or do I stay hidden unconsciously? Unless I am aware of you or you me at a deep level, the level of your being as a human, then our superficiality separates us. Is this a good thing or not?

When people come together and share a common ground we spend a great deal of time negotiating the language of our connection. We continually navigate the difficult course of disclosure and reticence. Since our mutual approval is our primary objective we express ourselves with the language of acceptance, whether the conversation is about God, National Pride, Love, Family values or anything else of serious importance to our inner sense of who and what we are.

What I am saying is, rarely do we tell the truth. Not only because the truth of ourselves is not static but extremely volatile, but also because our need to be accepted overshadows any temporary reality of emotional position. We do not lie we just withhold information. We intuitively know the reality of our lives is complex and often difficult to pin down.  We are not what we were yesterday but in all likely hood the other person has a picture of us that is pretty close to what we were yesterday.

It would be amusing to have every encounter begin with the changes we have made since they last talked to us.  Of course this is just not possible so we mask our personal growth and their personal growth with an initial and conditional bond of acceptance. The bonds of companionship, friendship, love, family, competition, ideology, and God. This is a deep recognition that impermanence is the nature of our existence and indeed the nature of the Universe itself. The only difference is the time scale against which this is measured.

Impermanence.  We as a life force exist only for a short period of time.  Only older people talk about how little time they have left.  Most of the time we do not want to hear about it or talk about it.  We like to get busy living, not busy dying.  But the truth is always under the covers.  Not exactly denied maybe just shuffled off to the side, out of sight.

When we communicate with another human being it is not necessary or appropriate to always talk about our life and death reality.  Better to talk about the joy of living than the reality of dying and that's ok.  So why focus on this impermanence at all.  What benefits would arise from a awareness and acceptance of the the temporary nature of everything around us?

I would like to propose that our destiny is to embrace this impermanence, this loss. We cannot achieve our full potential until we as individual humans and thus collectively as a species accept our death and the loss of everything between birth and death. Brian Swimme calls everything food. Basically he is right. But not just our physical forms returning to the Earth, everything returning to its most fundamental form, to become new and interesting again. Until the Universe itself returns to its origins.

Why does it make any difference if we embrace the terror of such a loss. Who cares anyway. Why can't we achieve our full potential without this level of awareness. Lying is our way of life, to ourselves and to each other. If not direct lying then failure to disclose.

Because the source of all of our evil, all that we perpetrate on ourselves and this world, all of our serious dysfunction, is the denial of loss, the Loss is not Real to us. As someone once said, "we just desperately want to avoid paying the bill!" It is our basic belief that we can avoid paying the bill! Eckhart Tolle suggests that our EGO or Identity is in control of this dysfunctional viewpoint. The perpetrator so to speak.

Once formed, our self image rules the roost until we invoke another level of consciousness, awareness. And just by noticing our Ego, it loosens its grip on the choices we make, how we relate to life outside of ourselves, and how we relate to life inside of ourselves.

In essence both Swimme and Tolle want us to recognize our attachment and identification with form (read permanence) is false. To be free, and thus kind, compassionate and creative within the moment requires us to honor the voices of creation, the cosmology of loss.  We must replace the pathology of permanence by embracing the songs of creation itself.

Embracing the terror of loss permits us to become a part of the disappearing Universe. This embracing penetrates the Ego and begins the dissolution of the Self. The idea that we are all food is both liberating and dissatisfying. Denying our mortality is a delusion and yet acceptance of impermanence can lead to depression. The Ego does not want to be considered food, for anyone or anything.

With both awareness and acceptance, fear that freezes us in immortality and dispenses evil in our name, disperses. We drop the superficiality of the Ego/Self Image and enter a true communion with the great drama of the disappearing Universe. What ever you perceive God to be, as you begin to see a creative divinity in all things, your treatment of yourself changes. As you acknowledge your own Divinity, you understand you are the essence of life and life is the essence of you. This is relinquishing control of a delusion and replacing it with a deep awareness of "existing with a quality of being in the web of life". Being consciously aware of every moment is the truth of life and the beginning of our creativity within the Universal drama.

We have the deepest paradoxes in the way we participate in the unfolding drama of life here on Earth. Essentially a camp of humans views their relationship as a predatory one while the other camp views their relationship as an integral one. While these two camps duke it out the overwhelming majority waffle between the two, sometimes behaving as a predator (survival of the fittest) and sometimes relating to their compassionate and caring side.  This caring side moves us off the Center of the Universe self image and toward being a responsible player in maintaining the integrity of the entire Earth System.

A powerful conversation with creation begins here. God's presence in all things is both the awe and mystery of our search for understanding. Discovering and knowing are as impermanent as our forms. Truth is never frozen in time, it floats on the sea of consciousness and is rediscovered on each passing wave. Our gift, our gratitude for our gifts, protects us from our own evil, and keeps the mystery alive as we reach for our destiny of even greater awareness.


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