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It's not real, or is it?

The bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind. How do we know who is in charge?  Do all parts of our mind talk to each other, are aware of each other, agree with each other?  Is there a conscious self image or identity and/or an unconscious self image or identity?

I don’t like you anymore. You, sir, are a jerk. Who taught you such horrible manners. Ugly is ugly and stupid is stupid, you are both. 

Pretty straight forward, right up front, aim for the gut and punch away. Nothing unconscious there.

I am talking and you look away, dismissal, not interested. I reach for my wife and she turns away with a look. I can’t sleep, the same thoughts keep running through my brain over and over.  Both conscious and unconscious here.  

Sometimes I can take my life experience at face value, pretty straight forward.  Other times I have to look at it from more than one point of view. And sometimes I interpret from someplace else from some other time. Most of the time I deceive myself if my interpretation makes me look bad, if a suspicion springs forward, If I feel threatened or betrayed.  Injuries to our self image, whether real or imagined, are not tolerated.  They have to be dealt with.  But often we say to ourselves: I misread that, she’s just tired, I’ll have a talk with them tomorrow (only tomorrow never comes and we tuck it away).

Can each of us tell when a thought or emotion or action doesn’t fit with what we are experiencing in the moment?  I mean how do we catch ourselves doing , saying, thinking or feeling what is clearly out of sync with the moment.  Mostly we don’t.  Because it is not clear.  I mean you cut me off and I had to swerve to prevent a crash.  The service was horrible you didn’t take care of us at all.  Did she just smile at that guy? You were late and we missed our appointment. 

Any time you label a person, a computer, a situation with misplaced name calling or anger you are not in sync with the moment.

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