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Handbook Introduction

What can a Handbook approach do to help and not further the confusion? We shall see.

Our Political System in Short Form

* We have a House of Representatives

* We have a Senate

* We have a Justice Department, an Attorney General, and the Supreme Court

* We have an Executive Branch, the President, the Vice President, the Presidents cabinet and all of the President's advisers.

* We have an Administrative Branch that runs the Country.

What is their job:  To protect and serve the citizens of this country.  To set policy.  To manage the Budget of this country. To maintain peaceful relationships with all other countries.  To commit to war if another country or countries inflict grievous harm on our people or our Real Estate.  To do for the people what they cannot do for themselves.  To follow the Constitution of the United States. To support and defend this Democracy and the Freedoms that that Democracy permits all of its citizens.   

* The right and responsibility to vote to elect our leaders.  Freedom to worship in our own way. Freedom to speak our mind and to dissent.  Freedom to bear arms.  Freedom to peacefully gather and organize.  Freedom to pursue our dreams.  Freedom to make our own choices without coercion from the military or political establishment.  

Our Social and Economic System in Short Form

* We manufacture Stuff, consume Stuff, and generate waste from manufacturing and consuming.

* All trash or waste is food - for something (fertilizer, recycle, bacteria, recoverable chemicals, products such as metals, glass and plastics).

* For convenience we store our trash, our waste, in landfills and in the ocean. This causes issues down the road.  Some trash is recycled to be reused in a different way.

* Children have not and do not cause the problems and Issues we are having to deal with.  They do not distribute the poisons that kill them. They cannot defend themselves.  They are at the mercy of all of the adults for food, shelter, medicine, their safety, their nutrition, their security, their education.

* The greater the distance between the haves and the have nots, the more unrest rises to the surface.  Poverty becomes an institution, wealth becomes an end unto itself, power becomes abusive.

* A small number of people resort to addictions and/or violence to escape the pain of their existence.

* Consumer demand drives the economy.  Consumption is the basis of all wealth, waste, and economic growth.

* Management of resources from basic food to luxury products lies at the feet of Private Enterprise and the Government.

* The moral and ethical imperative of these two entities is dictated by the leaders and the availability of the resources they need.

* Not all leaders are greedy or incompetent, not all leaders have foresight and integrity, not all leaders have the health and integrity of the whole as a significant part of their vision.

* All leaders report to their followers but some leaders find that inconvenient.

* Our electorial system allows for great mistakes in choosing a leader.  Being elected does not make you a competent leader.

* The consumer has a voice, but rarely is its power recognized or exercised.  This power dictates the entire economic health of the Capitalistic System.

* In a consumer driven world, the product, the process of its manufacture, the resources required to create it, and the trash throughout the cycle is rarely looked at as a single process.

* What catches our attention is usually the extreme failures of the process through pollution, economic instability, health concerns, war or where do I put my material waste, toxic waste, radioactive waste.

Our Social System

* The children are the future of everything.

* Parents are responsible for the children.  A loving environment is better for everyone in the family.

* Parents must apply themselves to provide emotional security, food, shelter, safety, and education for themselves and their children.

* The values and ethics of the parents are visited on the children.

* Everyone contributes to the whole, each according to the opportunity available and their abilities.

* Diversity is welcome.

* Education is essential. Play time is a good thing. Playing nice with others makes many things possible.

* Participation in the Democratic process is a responsibility.  Stay informed, vote, dissent if needed.

* Worship as you wish

* Live as you wish, as long as harming others is not part of it. 

*  Allow all others the same freedoms that you seek for yourself.  

A different perspective on what those in charge are responsible for

The tax code is biased, complex and expensive.  Many, many people who wanted to get elected promised to over haul the Tax Code.  Nothing serious has ever been done.  Why? because the elected leadership want the tax Code to be complex, biased, and expensive.  It is a source of direct and indirect power over the electorate.

The energy crisis has been with us for decades.  Why have we not had the backbone to shift our energy consumption off of expensive fossil fuels?  Because coal and oil are powerful entities.  Those in power want it that way.

We have created a spread out mobile society that requires individual transport to and from work, to and from shopping centers, to and from schools, to and from all forms of entertainment.  Future cities are being designed differently but it will take many, many decades to shift our focus away from the sense of freedom that such a spread out population with its dependence on individual transportation creates.

An ineffective United nations exists because they want the United Nations to be ineffective.  Nation states have remained supreme since the beginning, no one wants to even consider anything that even sounds like Global Management or a true Global United Nations (all of them).

Financial reform, a real balanced  budget, has not been accomplished, why?  Because war, government largess, special projects, special interests demand that fiscal accountability be as opaque as possible.  Transparency would mean exposing all of the things that the government spends money on to the public.

Election finance reform?  Not happening.   Everyone I know always ask the obvious question.  Why spend millions to get a 170,000 dollar job.  Without financial election reform money can be gathered from many different sources.  Some spend millions of their own.  Can the small voice, the real debate over real change, the most competent leader ever enter the process let alone win. 

Dirty politics obscures all of the real issues.  Lies, character assassination, inuendo have replaced real discussion of the problems facing our nation and all of its people.  Why?  Because most do not have a clue on how to solve these problems.  Diverting our attention seems to be an effective tool to avoid this dilemma.

The point is, all of our problems could be resolved over time.  They are not because those in power want it that way.

It is the responsibility of all our elected leadership to properly run this country, they cannot and do not want to run it properly.

Once we understand they want it this way we can better understand their behavior, their incompetence, their failure to govern.  We are all complicit in this ignorance, this bad behavior, this failure to measure up. 

The Family and the Individual

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