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Resolve to improve your lifestyle in 2021 by Eva Benoit


When most people ring in the new year, they already have in their minds what they want to do to improve their lives. In fact, New Year’s resolutions are all about moving forward and trying to be the best you can be. If you are striving toward self-improvement in 2021, read on for some great tips courtesy of for creating a new and improved you.


Join a gym or attend online workout classes


2021 can be your year for finally losing that weight. The Mayo Clinic reports that most adults “need at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity” each day. It also suggests two days of strength training each week. Joining a gym or regularly attending online workout classes can help you reach your weight loss or fitness goals.


Especially during COVID, it’s important to find a gym that is following all safety precautions. Search online for reviews posted by current gym members so you can see what other people think about the fitness center you plan to join. See if the fitness center offers any introductory offers so you can try before you buy a membership.


Update your wardrobe


Improve yourself during 2021 by revamping your wardrobe. Start by going through your closet to evaluate what you have. Are there clothes you haven’t worn in a year? Donate them to a charity or take them to a consignment store. 


After eliminating unwanted items from your closet, take a look at what’s still hanging there. recommends you try to “coordinate old things in new ways.” Mix and match different pieces of clothing in ways you never tried before. When you buy new clothes, don’t always shop at the same stores. Find new shops and brand names you’ve never tried before. Consider using a stylist to help you find the best colors, shapes and textures that flatter your shape and skin tone.


Go to a spa


Getting spa treatments is one of the best ways to boost your sense of well-being. In fact, visiting a COVID-safe spa for treatments can lead to better health and more refreshing sleep. These special treatments can alleviate pain, help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation, too. But medical and mental benefits are just the beginning. Many spas offer facials, laser hair removal, weight loss assistance and treatments to reduce the appearance of spider veins.


Creativity and personal passions


Sometimes you get so busy working and taking care of daily responsibilities you forget to take time for yourself. During 2021, pursue your hobbies and personal passions. Whether you enjoy writing short stories, painting still-lifes, volunteering for a cause close to your heart, sewing or any other personal project, carve out time to pursue what you love. states that pursuing hobbies makes life more meaningful, filtering joy into other areas of your life.


Your hobby could even be a vehicle towards improving your career. Many people turn their hobbies into a sideline, and yours could even become your day job if you play your cards right. Whether you sell handcrafted goods on Etsy or write for blogs, just make sure you start out on the right foot.


Treat your business with an eye towards professionalism from the beginning. Think of a catchy name, create a business plan that helps you think through your goals and how to achieve them, and register your business with By doing things the right way, you can move forward with peace of mind.


Improving your mind


Boost your brain during this new year. Read good books, watch informative documentaries, take a class or study a musical instrument. Increase your brain power just by trying activities that require you use your intelligence in unfamiliar ways.


Boosting addiction recovery


When you’re recovering from addiction, continuing to improve yourself can protect you from relapse.  Boost your recovery through healthy diet and exercise. When you take care of your physical health, you receive mental and emotional benefits too. Meditate or pursue creative activities to enhance your mood and relieve anxiety. It makes it less likely you’ll return to drugs and alcohol.   


If you want to improve your life in 2021, there are lots of ways to do it. Whether you focus on diet and exercise, boosting your brain power, pampering yourself at a spa, pursuing creative projects or revamping your wardrobe, you can work towards a better you. And these aren’t the only ways to improve your life. Whatever you decide to do, work each day toward your goals so that 2021 becomes your best year yet!


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

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