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 Copenhagen Treaty 

The Fuss over the Copenhagen Treaty


I have received emails and read the blogs criticizing the Copenhagen Treaty.  Many of them, including the man from England (Lord Monckton), describe dire consequences for our freedoms and our Democracy. Others point out that we are giving away our money to poorer Countries when we have serious problems at home.  Others indicate that the sneaky purpose of the treaty is to form a World Government and take away our autonomy as a Democratic Nation.  Actually the list of negatives, conspiracy theories, and misinformation is rather large.

I have read the Treaty and I am by no means an expert on the subject, nor do I remember all of acronyms.  But, I can add a few positive insights into fray and hopefully give others an alternative view point on the subject.

As you wander through this website you might have noticed that I strongly advocate a different approach to our Global problem. Specifically I strongly suggest that the concept of Nation States, and their self preservation perspective, is detrimental to solving many of our Global problems.

dying Children, Climate Change, Deforestation, Water Reserves/Quality, Waste Recovery, Pollution Control, Famines, Major Disasters, Agriculture Reform, Finite Resource Sharing, Technology Sharing, Transparency of World Management, and a few others.

I believe that we must move towards the Management of our world at a Global Level.  This comes with a few issues such as Financing, Authority, Responsibilities, Checks and balances, Accountability (for programs, aid, and National Interventions or Sanctions).

Obviously I cannot pretend that I can come close to all of the Laws, Regulations, Organizational Issues, Financial Concerns, or Enforcement Issues that such an effort would face.  What I can do is provide a different perspective on the Copenhagen Treaty.  This will be a generalized viewpoint not a detailed line by line critique.  It does, however, dismiss all of the rhetoric and misinformation propagated by those who believe their little world is about to come crashing down.

One thing I do find disturbing is that The Copenhagen Treaty may not be ratified by all Parties, it may not be finalized.  While this little article may not influenced the Grander Scale of dissension, I hope it will clear up some of the distractions being voiced by those with their own private agenda and those who find it difficult to view our relationship to the world as a non adversarial one.

I have and continue to do so, promoted the idea of Global Management teams.  One Nation cannot solve the Global Issues facing us all.  But getting together on one common issue would be a great start towards Global Responsibility, Management of our finite resources and some protection for all those who would die from the effects of serious Climate Change. Speaking of Climate Change, a short note on that subject.

Climate change is just that.  It is a significant change in the weather around our planet. Whether the source of the change is Sunspot activity, Gamma Rays, or our industrialization of the world, it is all a mute point.  It is a fact that the Ice in the Artic and Antarctic is melting.  Glaciers are retreating, The magnetic Poles are shifting, Deserts are being created, Water Shortages are Looming, Aquifers are being drained, and Deforestation is gaining on us.

It should be obvious to all that with India, China, and other countries dramatically expanding their use of fossil fuels our air quality will deteriorate, our water will absorb more mercury and arsenic and our resources will be consumed at a much faster pace.  We must prepare for the future.  This is not doomsday, it is just prudent behavior if we are to sustain a reasonable quality of life for our entire species.

It is not more Government we need.  What we need is greater cooperation, technology sharing, and Management of our resources and consumption of those resources.  Alternatives must be found and all  people on the planet should share in the innate wealth that we are capable of creating (do not attach status or money to that statement).  This wealth includes but is not limited to: Technology Sharing, Clean Air and Water, Food and shelter, and disaster relief.  The differences between the haves and have nots (not money) must be reduced to the point where all have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and live a quality life.

What Does the Copenhagen Treaty Provide

An Organization with Checks and balances.  Accountability for distribution of all aid, Transparency, Representation by all parties (1 vote per). Funding rules, Defined objectives, Financing and financing controls, Technology Sharing, Emission Controls and limits, Representation by each Nation, Funding for Research and development, Enforcement, Aid to developing Nations and the supervision necessary to ensure the aid is being used as intended, and a Vision of the Future where the Haves and Have Nots are not so far removed from each other, We Share Resources, Education, Technology, We reduce the negative impact of our behavior on this Planet. 

More to come...... 

What is our job as individuals

We must always lend a critical ear.  We must ask that all parties who are for or against this treaty stick to the facts at hand.  We must think in a larger context, what is best for all of us, not just a few.  We must deny those who attempt to inflame our emotions rather that offer legitimate arguments.  It is we who allow such gross exaggerations, it is we who permit insults and lies, it is we who allow others to get away with retoric that does nothing to address the issue at hand. 

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