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Monday, November 16 2009


Comments on the content of this Web Site have come from several sources.  The most interesting came from my Oldest son and my middle son.  Each asked me several pointed questions and those questions are the point of this blog entry.

Without quoting them directly some of their observations can be generalized for they point to a real dilemma for all those wanting change, wanting their level of awareness to deepen, and wanting to see a real change in behavior.  If, and I say if with due respect for all those who are actively engaged in making a difference, if this web site is to grow and evolve and itself help change our frames of reference then I must change with it.

In essence the feedback was "sometimes I get it, most times you lose me".  And, If we all achieve this level of consciousness, if we all "get it", what will be different in the real world.  How has your shift in perspective made any difference at all in your world and if I may say so, in our world.

Now they were kinder than the tone of that last question implies.  But the real question lies unanswered.  How do we live our lives differently and what changes, really what changes?

Hopefully ideas and explanations that Bridge the Gap

First there is a lot right with the world.  Many, many people all over the globe have contributed to our ability to expand our awareness and our level of consciousness.  This Web site is saying that hope abounds and as a species we are slowly coming together.  Through the technology of information exchange, through the sciences of exploration into what makes us what we are, to cosmology, Planetary ecology, to all those areas of research and endeavor, all of it contributes to an incremental change in how we view ourselves in relation to each other, to our relationship with our home world (and all life on it), and to the Cosmos, and yes even to our relationship with our God or as some would say it, our relationship to the creative and evolving source of all that is and all that will ever be.

It was mentioned by a member of a group I participate in every Tuesday that we should tend to our own growth, not impose our ideas and experiences on others, and be patient. So, with these inputs what do I believe is our best path forward? 

I hope that it has not come across to anyone who wanders through this Web Site  that I ever wish or think we should all experience life the same way.  Nor do I want to give the impression that this is the only path to follow.  However I do believe that our relationships on this planet that we call home can and should mature to a deeper awareness of the depth of life and life energies all around us.  While so many already feel this depth of life I believe it is important for us all to experience on a daily basis this connection not only of these life energies but the interconnectedness of our entire world.

Not in any of my readings have I come across, in any way, a dogmatic approach to achieving this idea of awareness, the observer and the intense presence of being in the moment.  There are so many ways to develop this frame of reference that it matters not how we got there.  But what is where?  Is it a destination, a journey, or just a kind and compassionate way to view ourselves and all other relationships that are part of our lives?

The simple answer is we are not here to tell you what to experience, nor how to interpret each experience.  However, from all those who have influenced what I understand about  life and living, I have come to a few realizations about our progress as a species.  Is the glass half empty or half full?  This is a judgement that leads us to believe a person has a perspective on life that is either/or, positive and hopeful or negative and worrisome. When in truth this frame of reference is both and neither.  For what I am experiencing at this moment is a glass that is half full.  It is missing the other half.  My opinion on the value of the half a glass of water does nothing to change the reality that the glass is not full.

What we are getting to is that to deal with all of the issues that affect us, globally or in our personal lives, is it better to respond to the experience as it is or as we wish to be or not to be?  A judgement on our experiences does not change what is transpiring at this moment.  This judging and labeling thing we do tells us that this is bad for us, good for us, or it doesn't really matter. The truth is, in an unaware state (some say unconscious state), our judgements are a reflection of something in our past or our projections into the future.  These in turn bring into our consciousness feelings about what we are experiencing.  This is sometimes positive and many times negative depending on what emotional pictures or what stories we have created for ourselves and our self image.  What is not good about this behavior is that our past or our fears for the future dominate the conversation in our heads.  We can no longer respond to the moment as it is.

By the way it is absolutely ok to remember everything in our past. It is ok to project into the future.  There are no restricitons on what you feel or what you remember. The only point here is that many of us get trapped by our experiences in our past as they dominate and control how we respond to this moment in time.  This moment is unique.  All of our feelings are ours to reexperience any time we want to.  Yet when they severely influence what is happening right now. When they color, actually cloud, our experience so that we respond based on our prior pain, anger, insecurity, etc. and not what is really going on at this moment, this almost always results in great drama, which is many times distructive to our relationships and to ourselves.

Our goal in this web site is to promote the idea that we are free, creative, and responsive to the moment, as it is, if our mind is not cluttered and dominated with our past or fears of what might happen to us or others in the future.  

 Many people I have spoken to about this change, that I and others believe is critical to our future survival, have brought up the idea that to attempt to influence others with our experiences of life is the equivalent of moving everyone  into the same mold.  They believe that everyone experiences life differently and to direct traffic in this area is the wrong thing to do.

I do believe the TAO lesson that says we all, regardless who and what we are, have the automony and wisdom to respond to life in our own way.  Even in raising children this autonomy should be recognized, but guided for safety reasons. The least interference is better for us all if we are to grow both emotionally and spiritually. So I hope nothing in this Web Sites trys to force us all into the same sandbox of thought, behavior or spirit.

But, and this is a big but, we all experience great drama in our lives that is painful but avoidable.  Our leaders make decisions that are not in our best interest, as citizens of this country, our children yet to be born, and all the citizens that reside on Planet Earth. Wars are fought for all the wrong reasons, entire families are seriously dysfunctional, and self serving people at all levels of society believe that becoming top dog, no matter what the cost, is the right thing to do.  As we have said before self preservation and the defence of our self images (our Ego) has caused more grief than all of the disasters in the world combined.

What we are trying to convey here is that much of our pain is avoidable.  Dealing with the reality of our lives can be exciting and enjoyable, our relationships can be fillled with love and trust, and the violence in the world can diminish a great deal.

How conscious we are of the moment and this moments experience, unclouded by our past or fear, will and does determine how this moment will turn out.  Will it be filled with pain or suffering, misinterpretations, anger or remorse?  Or, will each relationshp be filled with caring, compassion, joy and love.  By experiencing this moment as it is we spend less time arguing with ourselves over injuries to our ego, less time in denial over addictions, lies, and the breaking of our trust.  We see the person behind the mask, accept what is, and give our unconditional support if needed and warranted.  We are not superior, we are not in control of other people's growth, we are only in charge of our behavior and peace of mind.  We lend support when called for, we defend ourselves against real violence, and we care about the impact of our decisions.

Wholeness is a good thing.  Caring about how our behavior impacts others is a good thing.  Considering the impact our decisions will have both present and future is a good thing.  All of these and much more can be a reality in all of our lives if we but anchor ourselves in the moment and let the past be a reference point not a dominator of our current feelings or behavior.

One might ask if this is so easy why are we in the mess we are in throughout the world?  Because it is not easy or difficult, it is a complete change in our view of what we are, who we are and where we fit into the greater scheme of things.  There are no rules, no dogmas, no boundaries.  There is only a powerful change in perspective, all else flows from this one shift in consciousness. 

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