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Monday, October 26 2009

Fulfill the promise life has to offer all that are brought into this world. Honor all that are yet to be born, by caring for the present and protecting the future.

We continuously choose the Path of Compassion, Awareness, Awe, Responsibility, Courage, Delight and Joy

It is our COMPASSION for our spouse, for our children, for other humans and for all other life that guides us to protect and serve, to care about and respect all life and the source of life.

It is our AWARENESS of the Universal Processes that got us here, Our Genetic kinship with all life and the whole Earth Eco-System, and the fragile nature of our continuation that allows us to make the good decisions in the present and for the future. We are all curious, inventive, complex, loving, problem solvers, hopeful, caring and creative and yet, we are all still children standing on the brink of adulthood.

It is our AWE At the Miracle of Life itself, At the Whole of the Universe, At the events that permitted our emergence that allowed Self Awareness, Thought, Choice, Love and Compassion, and the Miracle of our existence.

It is our RESPONSIBILITY and COURAGE that permits us to go beyond our own immediate needs, honor the needs of others, and to understand that we are not in charge of the whole. We are however an Instrumental Participant in shaping the future of a healthy and vibrant Earth Community.

It is we who must now maintain the Integrity of the Whole While maintaining the integrity of the Parts. It is we who must require our leaders to honor their commitment to represent all peoples and all life with dignity and respect.

To recognize that one's own little corner of the world is a mirror of all other little corners of the world. It is a part of the whole. Therefore to be a custodian or guardian of one little corner nurtures and cares for the whole Earth.

We will be required within this century to develop and support New Laws of the Planet that provide Global Responsibility and Accountability. We will not encourage dominion over others but the formation of International management teams that will care for and encourage all of us to share resources, protect the integrity of the Earths Eco-System and join together to solve the problems of our species survival.

We will join with others to address the problems, the dangers and inequities. We will share knowledge, resources, and technology.

We will strive to develop, preserve and enhance the quality of life of all.

It is our DELIGHT and JOY as we share this bond with Billions to acknowledge we are part of the community of Life, that no life is unworthy, all problems can be solved, abundance is possible, All war is unnecessary and all scarcity can be temporary.

United we can stand to enhance the quality of life for all.

It is all a choice as the Awesome Story of the Universe still unfolds. We are not yet done with our changes.

Over the last few hundred years we have reinvented our civilizations with new knowledge and technology. In the process we let go of our roots. Our true significance. Our humility over how we got here suppressed by our need to control and dominate: the land, the seas, the elements, other life, under the mistaken idea that this style of behavior would insure our survival.

We took survival of the species too literally. Self Preservation at all cost, even when the cost was clearly a danger to the future inhabitants. We have a genetic kinship with all life, but we have lost that awareness along with our compassion for life and for each other.

Over the next few decades we must, and will, reinvent ourselves as sons and daughters of the stars. Our actions and behavior will nourish this planet, for it is truly our Home. All life will find a niche to flourish and discover its own destiny in this journey through time.

We ARE in the longest night, the Winter Solstice of our consciousness. We do not know when the sun will rise. But in our stories, our myths, our beliefs, our deep consciousness, we know that a new season will come, the sun will reach its zenith again, and we will truly become the evolving children of the stars. It is up to us to see the Divine Nature of the Universe reflected through our conscious self-awareness, our actions, our behavior and our compassion.

The Universe is truly our home. As Guardians we would:

Plant a seed for a new beginning, care about the present and its impact on the future, protect and serve all life with respect.

Take the responsibility of living beyond our own immediate needs and honor the needs of others.

A Guardian understands that to separate and protect any human arena from the living ecology of the planet is to deny the planet's right to exist and evolve on its own terms. The integrity of the whole must be maintained.

Recognize that our own little corner of the world is a mirror of all other little corners of the world. It is a part of the whole. Therefore to be a custodian or guardian of one little corner nurtures and cares for the whole Earth.

Require our leaders to honor their commitment to represent all peoples with dignity and respect and deny those who would be masters of all. Strive for a new Global Management philosophy of Responsibility Accountability. And understands that our bond of humanity is our common commitment to:

Fulfill the promise that life has to offer all that are brought into this world, and honor all that are yet to be born by caring for the present and protecting the future.

We are all custodians and guardians. Of our future, of our children's future. Communicating, accepting diversity, accepting change, and still dealing with the issues of the day with sound judgement, fairness, creativity and firmness is part of the package. This is a dynamic process that includes our common bond (the total Earth Community) and the appropriate laws that frame the Custodial/Guardian concept, Locally and Internationally.

One thing to remember is that there are a lot of us. Billions of us. That, of course, is both the bad news and the good news. But with more and more connectivity world wide, with common ground and a simple concept, the power of numbers alone begins to turn the massive ship. This is a seed of hope in an overwhelming negative environment.

Within each of us is the desire to address the wrongs that we are witness to and make the world a better place.

Our spiritual connections spread from individuals and small groups to everyone we come in contact with. The more profound that spirit, the more truth it embodies, the broader and greater the influence.

I seriously doubt that the seeding of the stars, billions of galaxies and one tiny habitable planet, that spawned conscious self-awareness, was initiated so that billions of intelligent but self serving and irresponsible life forms whose only goal is to end their lives with the most toys, the most land, the most resources, or the most whatever, was the great plan.

In our own way, without a Very Big Person holding court over our lives, we are being judged, and the outcome is still in doubt.

The Universal processes have blessed us with all of the tools needed to establish a wonderful place to live, a Garden for Life - to explore, to create, to love and understand, and to enjoy.

We are each significant in our own way. Though others, who want more than they need, may tell you that you are less than the dust on the furniture. This is not only not true but identifies them as part of the problem.

Guardianship is a process and a state of mind. To feel a sense of community for the whole Earth System, and all life within it, is what makes the whole thing work.

This is the fundamental frame of reference that allows all peoples to think and act in the best interests of present and future generations.

It is easy to say that we must protect mother earth, stop polluting our food chain, share resources, stop wars, feed the starving children, stop the genocide, educate our prospective mothers and fathers on raising children, empower the international community, etc. etc. It is the implementation of such a serious change in our perspective and behavior that is the real challenge.

None of us can ever treat this hazardous and difficult journey lightly.

The magic of a seed is that all of the organism's abilities to meet the challenges of survival from generation to generation, over vast spans of time, is encased in a tiny package that needs only the right environment to begin its journey and blossom into its potential.

This is the beauty of the self organizing Universe which we are now an influential part of.

A human starts with undifferentiated cells that over a period of 9 months self organizes into organs, nerves, a brain and a protective outer layer of skin. When you understand the details of the process, it truly is a miracle.

The Earth itself is a seed of creation. Over a few billion years the Earth has organized itself into a habitat for all life not just humanity. We presently reside on a rotating ball of rock that is so special that it would have taken only one or two differences in its birth to prevent life from ever appearing. It also will not take a whole lot to make it all disappear.

So what is important here? One: a recognition that our biosphere is not immune to our self destruction. Two: our future as a species is not guaranteed. Three: Who dies with the most toys, or the most land, or the most money, or the biggest empire is not the point of it all.

This is not new news to any of us. Only time will allow the necessary awareness to blossom and take root in the mind. Only a firm foundation of ideas and action will oust the old and bring in the new.

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