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Friday, October 09 2009

Obama and the Executive Branch

I wish to congratulate Obama for his efforts that resulted in the Nobel Peace Prize.  That said this is only the beginning.  Strengthening the UN with all of its divisiveness will be a monumental effort.  With all of the hawkishness I see around me, withdrawing from the theatre of War will also test all that the US stands for.

Speaking of war, I noticed that the US in all of its moral righteousness has done nothing about China and Tibet.  I am aware that Pakistan and India have Nuclear Weapons.  These two Nations have been at each others throats far, far too long.  Someone or some group of people is financing the groups who would kill men, women and children to cause fear and chaos and make a point.

The race to the 2010 elections is getting ugly, and has been ugly for some time.  A perfect example, Obama made his speech before congress.  He said (Insurance Executives are not bad people, they just...).  On TV two media commentators blatantly spoke about how horrible it was that Obama called Insurance Executives "Bad people".  This was a lie, misrepresentation, and if I had a vote (which I don't) they would apologize or get fired.

I get EMAILS all of the time that are absolute distortions of the facts.  Now I know that Obama is beginning to feel the weight of his Office and responsibility.  The people he has to deal with will now and then offer less than stellar advice (Veterans Health), Those who would follow the Generals and escalate the war in Afghanistan.  While I cannot fathom the danger and difficulties our soldiers are going through, I personally would like to see a statement that defines what Victory is and how long it will take, and how many soldiers and civilians will be dead or injured until Victory is declared.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.  The stats do not tell of the hardships so many families are experiencing and going to experience as the job market stays weak or non existent.  Giving Billions to the Insurance companies so that at some point in time the millions that are without Health Insurance can be covered will not create new jobs (unless of course the companies MUST apply that money to HEALTH CARE). 

Just as a point of order, Companies that transfer their manufacturing outside of the country, could be taxed if their headquarters is in the US.  Better would be incentives to bring the jobs back to the US.  Manufacturing is critical to our future prosperity.

The Bill to have us all Green Up our houses prior to resale is ludicrous.  It took us several years to install better and more efficient Air Conditioning.  Installing Thousands of Dollars for new Energy windows would not sit well with our budget.  Give me real tax incentives to Green Up our houses is better.  Mandates vs "do it this way or else" vs incentives. which is better? 

More to come....

House of Representatives and the Senate.

So far they are performing at a snails pace.  Bickering and agonizing over Health care instead of coming up with a plan that would revitalize the Health Care Industry.  Public Option (I won't vote for that, that's Socialized Medicine), Oh lets give the Insurance industry a few hundred billion dollars without any need to overhall their Programs.  better yet lets let each state opt out if they want, that will surely make things better.  Don't worry about the wars, poverty, clean air, Jobs, Fair Trade, manufacturing.  Lets just use those powerful intellects to fight dirty over the 2010 elections and try to disparage and embarass the Obama Administration. 

Believe me if some intelligence does not creep into the two arms of the government an awful lot of people will vote differently in 2010.  Pretend this is screaming frustrated  shout...."Govern why don't you.  Represent the people why don't you.  Clean up your act.  Morality, ethics and common sense do matter".

Ok enough sarcasm.  I hope the plan can be revitalized. 

Doctors do not like Medicare.  I do not like Medicare.  Medicare strips away the high cost of procedures, hospital visits, and doctor consultations.  So the Doctors solve the problem by not taking in new Medicare patients, Hospitals charge rediculous prices for bed space, tests,  supplies, blood, and a whole host of procedures and chart reviews.  Meanwhile the whole process is not being addressed.  I would bet that if a consortium of doctors, nurses, hospital staff, Insurance experts, and process experts along with Network Data Base experts were brought together a plan could be devised that would address our faulty Health Care System.

Currently it is just a party fight, does anyone really want to reign in costs and change the system?

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