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After 2,013 Years, What are We?

The Beginning

Ok, I am not trying to be silly.  But, It would be smart of us to look for a moment at the bigger picture.  Of course we did not begin 2,013 years ago.  The birth of Jesus is our beginning, the start of our calender, and our measure of when and where we are.

But what is our measure today, in this time and place?  If Jesus roamed the Earth  would he find solace that what he tried to give us bore fruit?  What ever you believe are you satisfied with where we are and what we are doing?  I hope not. 

If you are a half glass full kind of person you might say you're aware of some of the bad stuff but all of the good stuff balancees it out.  If you're a glass half empty you might want to acknowledge some of the good stuff but the bad stuff is really overwheming and very very bad.  But of course these are value opinions and as all opinions do they distort what actually is.  For what actually is is another picture altogether.

What is that Picture?

At the individual level - tremendous change, a scary picture of the future for so many, uncertainty, bad leadership.  And yet each of us must find the resource within to deal with life as it is, to find peace, to live gracefully no matter what our situation.  How to find our potential, how to contribute, how to live fully whether young or old.  When those who we depend on fail us and themselves how do we pick up the pieces and move on.  This is the negative side of living but the positive is how we maintain our "okness", our positive disposition (even happiness) when what we want does not match what we get.  It is easy to get mad, angry, frustrated at the "others" who are and were supposed to fix things.  It is easy to be disappointed when we do not live up to our own expectations.  Blame can go full circle, but sooner or later, the buck stops at our doorstop.  Sooner or later we must pick up ourselves and take that next step for we have miles to go before we sleep.  Yes, we must change.  For the reality of our lives is that life is full of paradox, contradiction, creativity and joy.  Getting lost in the down side takes moments of life away, learning to be in the moment, what ever it is, brings life into our soul.  This is the practice, live and let go, do no harm, feel the warmth and comfort of the creative energy all around and know that all of the unknowns we live with birth new beginnings day after day after day. 

Our Institutions:  You know that word "transparency"? Of course it does not apply in all situations or for all companies, agencies or institutions.  But it does apply across a broad spectrum of these entities.  What is important?  Our Health, our Money, our Democracy, our Educational System, Our Food, Our Doctors, Hospitals, Nurses and all the technology that goes with them.  Our overall safety.  This in itself covers just about everything the Federal, State and Local governments are responsible for.  What is clear is that when there is no transparency there is the great opportunity for mischief and misguided leadership. 

Our Companies: Many Corporations are very large and very powerful. Some of the bigger ones are called Trans-National Companies meaning their reach and influences spans the Globe.  They bring food and products to our doorstep and to every doorstep in the world.  This is power.  Of course not all TNC's are dangerous to you and I but make no mistake they wield a great deal of power.  Where is the check and balance in this Global Enterprise?  So far it is with the people, with watch dog groups.  It is not necessarily with the Government Agencies or the Courts that are supposed to protect us.  The big six (or ten) companies that currently control 70 percent of the seed business and with that the associated pesticide and herbicide business are the poster child for the need for active citizens and watch dog groups.  Our courts have upheld their patents on Genetically Modified Organisms (seeds) to the detriment of independent Farmers everywhere.  The FDA has refused to demand labeling of GMO's and it has been an ongoing battle to try to prevent introduction of GMO's to the environment until proper testing has been done.  This does not even address the increased use of herbicides and pesticides that can directly impact the developmental growth of children exposed to these chemicals.  While this is not the forum for extensive penetration of the areas that TNC's affect that we should concern ourselves with, you can begin your own education by just searching "The Big Six Farmers and seeds.



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