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A New Beginning and a new ending

I am considering  ending this website.  But before I do I would like feedback on whether to maintain it for some period of time.


Thanks to all of the visitors

First item: The World Community and the Muslim Community

Political correctness and the inner desire to not irritate anyone has reached a new high (or low if you prefer).  France has allowed the Muslim Communities within its borders to initiate Sharia Law.  Any country that allows this does not grasp the mistake they have made, and it is a big one.  People setting up house keeping in a new country (MUST) assimulate.  All Countries who allow Muslims and any immigrant, to enter their borders and establish communities (must) demand that those communities follow the laws of that country.  To allow these communities to rule their own people by a different set of laws (in this case Sharia Law) is short sighted and gives these people authority to govern by a set of rules that is counter to any democratic system of government.  Stop this practice immediately and inform those that are operating under this authority that it will no longer be tolerated.  If they object they can peacefully leave.   If any country chooses to continue to allow this practice they will discover, much to their horror, an infiltration into their democratic system that is destructive and extremely ill advised.

Second Item: Let's call a spade a spade

We are all aware that extremists have perpetrated terrible and despicable acts not only against the west but against the Muslim people throughout the world.  A common thread is that these terrorists invoke the Islamic Religion as a justification for these acts of terror. Most of us do not want an all out backlash against peace loving people, but, if we continue to ignore the religious motives behind these attacks, and, the failure of hundreds of Imams to voice their rejection of this behavior then what we get is a failure to act.  Our own leadership will not call what is going on by its true and real name: Extreme Islamic Terrorism.  Both the Muslim people throughout the world and all other freedom loving people must unite to bring a halt to these acts of violence.  The march in France was a good start but the Muslim Community itself must revisit their own religion.  It is time every Muslim ask themselves really important questions:  Is it really in the interest of all Muslims to allow a violent core to Hijack their religion and kill hundreds if not thousands of innocent men, women and children?  Can all people be forced through fear and violence, death and destruction, to convert or die?  Do each of you want this to escalate to a world level religious war?  We have great and serious problems to address in each of our Countries and Societies, Do you want us to ignore these problems and channel all of our resources to war?

We all know this problem is very very serious.  Can we not join forces and truly challenge these extremist by rejecting their behavior, their interpretation of the Qur'an, and above all their violence that achieves nothing in the long run.  Stop the funding and find a way to peacefully accept that all humans deserve the right to lead their lives in peace and follow their own destiny.

A Friendly Reminder / a conservative message - Distortion is the standard behavior when defending a position.  As is often the case distortion or monumental exaggeration is used when discussing the facts is inconvenient.  We label in generalities (most often negative) and we try to garner support by distortion or outright lies.  Usually the moment this occurs does not lend itself to correcting the falsifying behavior and we are forced to follow up at a later time.  This means that those who believe the distortion may not ever see or hear of the true facts of the matter.

Why do I open this segment with such a negative statement?  Because when we fight or defend our positions in life we resort to childish behavior.  Until we have learned to bridge our conscious and unconscious mental activity. Until we have learned how to be quiet and peaceful. Until we have learned to see the world as it is and not as we wish it was or was not.  Until we know how to apply the three A's (Appreciation, Approval, Acceptance).  Until we let go of our private agendas, listen with our whole being, and communicate without guile.  Then and only then will we be authentic in all circumstances with our fellow man.  That is actually the good news, the bad news is that people in all walks of life (especially political leaders) feel the need to defend as a child and not as an adult.  This requires that we constantly be on the alert, always apply our critical thinking tools, and see the person behind the situation or conversation as they are and not as we would like them to be.  This avoids falling into the black holes of anger, disappointment, hurts or depression at the wrongness of it all.

If we lead from authenticity, we will find that disaster is further away and easier to avoid, along with its annoying pain and chaos.

Who is the bully anyway

You must admit that some things that are happening within the USA today violate a few principles of our Democracy.  Pressure from agencies when one does not agree with the current administration.  Attempts to stop open acknowledgement of God in our schools and public places.  Programs that foster further dependency on the US Government.  Attempts to play the race card when one does not agree with the President or the Attorney General. War on Women, come on.  Serious efforts to redistribute the wealth in this country.  New taxes because the leaders of this nation cannot stop spending.  Total lies and distortion to try to sweep mistakes and failures under the carpet, to lead us away from further investigation and possible criminal prosecution.

Where to go, what to do when our leadership is out of control.  In the area of religion and God we must not back down.  Humans deserve the right to pursue their faith under the full protection of the Constitution.  In a Democracy differences of opinion, belief, or philosophy is a good thing.  Pure truth exists in a realm I don't live in.  I live in a world of humans that are always searching, always questioning and always aware that what we know for sure can change in an instant, when new knowledge comes our way.

Elections are coming up.  Make sure the people you are willing to put in office support your views on freedom, taxes, war, security, immigration, subsidies and bail outs, support programs (medicare, medicaid, social security, workers compensation, food stamps) and a whole lot more: balanced budgets, tax reform, agency reform, spending.

I attend a lunch meeting once a month.  The ROMEO group (Real Old Men Eating Out).  Yes we are older and getting older.  Our organizer brought some papers to stimulate discussion on some of the important issues facing us all.  Social issues, Life Style Issues, Religious freedom, Government incompetence and encroachment on our Liberties, and International threats and warfare.  He suggested that we form small groups to discuss the problems and try to come up with positive solutions.  Small groups that can branch out to friends and family to begin the kind of change badly needed right now.

 Areas of deep Concern: Politics, Religion, Social: Real Threats  

Are there real threats?  Some say the GOP Scandal Machine is working overtime to pounce at every opportunity whether real or imagined, whether factual or misinformed. Others of the opposite camp deny everything, dismiss everything, and try to label these public concerns as "Phony".  Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, up front and vocal about the bad guys promoting lies, falsehoods and "un-american" behavior.  Harry Reid has immunity from the Senate Podium.  He can slander to his hearts content and never get prosecuted.

Denial, lies, distortions.  Try to look past these attempts at dismissal and focus on what actually has happened.

* The definition of Marriage is under attack

* The removal of Prayer from public Schools, God in public places

* So called Honor Killings by Muslim Men throughout this country (only one set of Laws for everyone, US Laws)

* Excessive Political Correctness:  we cannot criticize or object without being labeled "racist, participating on the 'war on women', hating the poor, Islamophobia, hate (muslims, blacks, hispanics, poor), or just plain against the American Dream.

* Incompetence at the VA, negligence, potential criminal behavior

* Outright Lies: ObamaCare, Bengazi, IRS (To Congress, to the people, on the Senate Floor)

* Serious Over Reach by the Executive Branch via Executive Order

* Over Reach and over regulation by Government Agencies (EPA, FCC, IRS, HHS)

* Excessive Government Dependency (Food Stamp expansion, Phones, Unemployment benefits, Health Insurance)

* Trillions in debt, just plain over spending, raising taxes without curbing spending, hiding tax increases

* Tax Reform (flat, consumption, simple), Term Limits (ten years in office, that's it), Single function Bills (no add ons by anybody)

* Foreign Aid (to who, what for, and why (taking sides demands a full understanding of beliefs, missions, and character)

* And last but not least Subsidies (stop this biased behavior and let the free market decide the outcome).  Specifically Farm and Oil.

* And of course: All Laws, legislation, regulations apply to everyone (no exceptions)

* And no bonuses for Government Employees - none

Where Does Wealth Come From, is the Conservative Message a Good One, What Personal or Country Values should Guide us, Where is our power and Authority?

We still live in a Country where the people still decide who gets to lead us.  We still live in a Country that offers us the Freedom to live our lives and pursue our dreams without the shackles of oppression and tyranny.  We live in a Democracy and we live in a Capitalistic Economic System.  However there are those who want to topple these two systems for only three reasons.  Power, because they know what is better for us than we do.  Power, because democracies are messy and inconvenient.  Power, because they want to run things, all things, everything.  You as a citizen are incapable of running your own lives, exercising good judgement, taking care of yourself.

The Socialism Message is and always has been: "We will take care of you, we will take from others who have more than their share to give to those who do not have enough".  Or, said another way, You cannot take care of yourself so we will provide everything you need, as we see it. 

What are the rules behind this type of leadership.  None.  Taking has never had any rules.  Giving away free stuff has only had one rule.  "The more that is taken from A to give to B ensures the allegeance of B.  In a voting country the larger the population of receivers the greater the probability of retaining and expanding power.

Our system of Government, with its checks and balances, cannot co-exist with a Socialistic leadership for at every turn there is a serious effort to consolidate power away from the people and the people's representatives and centralize it.  When an Agency of the Government can create its own rules and enforce same without due process than that is an example of erosion of our Democracy from within.  A Democracy functions best when the Federal Government restrains its power and reach by any one Branch.  Errors in leadership are corrected at the voting booth.  


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